Debonaire - The Six Dollar Man

Debonaire - The Six Dollar Man Track Preview
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"The Six Dollar Man" is a cutting-edge manifestation of electro funk from one of the Miami Bass pioneers. Iron clad crystal clear sound, vocoder robot lyrics, Sci-Fi tones with nostalgic reminiscences and of course those sub-sonic 808 rhythms make this a certifiable masterpiece. Guaranteed greatness and full tilt satisfaction for Electro Breaks and Miami Bass enthusiasts.

The Six Dollar Man tracklist

1. The Six Dollar Man - Debonaire
2. My Interpreter - Debonaire
3. My Mind Is Going - Iceone & Debonaire
4. Bounce Rock - Debonaire & Funkmaster Ozone
5. Digital Stalker (Dark Vektor Remix) - Debonaire
6. Counterfeit Stacks - CeeOnic & Debonaire
7. OCD - Debonaire
8. Boom Room - Debonaire featuring Maggotron
9. Bitch Get Off My Myspace (N-ter Remix) - Debonaire
10. Down By Law - Debonaire
11. Parabellum To Your Cranium - DJ Sonic & Debonaire
12. Six Dollar Bonus Beats - Debonaire