Innovative Bass Collection - Woofers Pump Vol 1

Innovative Bass Collection - Woofers Pump Vol 1 Track Preview
Price: $9.00

Highest quality MP3 download. Volume 1 of 4 albums.

A must have collection of devastating sub-bass tracks compiled from classic releases originally released on cd by Innovative Bass Productions. Digitally re-mastered and boosted for fuller range audio. Each track has enough decibel assaulting bass drops to put any system to the test.

Innovative Bass Collection - Delivering the finest in car audio bass.

    1. Letcha Body Rock
    2. Son Of Circuit Breaker
    3. Bass Power
    4. Independence Bass
    5. Batteries Not Included
    6. Debonaire's Drop II
    7. Gimme A Shot Of Energy
    8. Ride That Choo Choo
    9. Shake 'Em Down
    10. Bass Measured In Pounds
Warning: Contains mega-low digital bass.