Omega II/Debonaire & Exzakt - Sonic Boom/Ignition

Omega II/Debonaire & Exzakt - Sonic Boom/Ignition Track Preview
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This is the standard black vinyl copy.

Side A sees the release of a much sought after Electro-Bass classic, OMEGA II “SONIC BOOM”. Briefly released in the 90’s and subject to bootlegs, this song became a global cult classic selling for hundreds of dollars worldwide through auctions, beyond anything known in the U.S. Now here it is in it’s original glory with an added HUGE 2007 reworking “SONIC RE-BOOM” (featuring post-production edits by Arthur Baker). A certified B-Boy classic with luscious vocoders, DJ cuts and infectious melodies.

Side B “IGNITION”. While producing under the name Dynamix II, Debonaire has delivered a timeless classic. The corridors of time have been conquered as past and present collide to thrill on this momentous release now completely re-born, re-modelled and re-tweeked. “IGNITION” delivers cutting edge energy as the nu skool production of EXZAKT joins forces with DEBONAIRE to rock the world once again. “IGNITION”…still the cornerstone of Electro-Bass globally.

“An awesome and long awaited return to the Electro scene from Florida's premiere pioneer of Bass music delivering the kind of bass that removes the air from your lungs alongside brilliant vocoderism and genius melodies. 10/10” – Mossadon/