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Miami Florida

"The Six Dollar Man" serves up an impressive piece of art.

The vocoding is extreme on "Boom Room", a merciless platter featuring iconic Maggotron. This timeless tune is definitively here to demonstrate who's boss!

"My Interpreter" presents a retro yet powerful tune augmented with Chiptune C64/Commodore sounds, relentless vocoder and samples from the Kraftwerk repertory.

"OCD", a psycho-mental exercise from Debonaire where the Beat Technician unleashes the bass like never before while interlocking styles from California to Detroit in a thunderous way.

"Down By Law" turns into an instant mayhem crafted from freestyleish drums, spicy congas and heading guitar riffs, classic hip hop references and impressive scratch parts.



Mega remix of "Digital Stalker" by Spanish wizard Dark Vektor delivers a unique twist of funk break meets 70's synth moods.



"Counterfeit Stacks", CeeOnic along with co-pilot Debonaire, introduces a groove based upon sexy vintage synth strings and clever hip hop lingo.



On the West Coast style breakdance Electro Funk "Bounce Rock", Debonaire and Funkmaster Ozone walk into the boogie steps of Parliament & Funkadelic.



Croatia's N-ter remix of "Bitch Get Off My Myspace" delivers another milestone of dark synth machinery enhanced with tense sequences, awesome breaks and naughty arpeggios.



This co-production with Italy's Iceone is one of the catchiest and infectuous tunes on the album. Mechanical offensive "My Mind Is Going" provides a pure instant classic. Combination of powerful basslines, impossible to forget melodies and HAL 9000.



Aiming at you like a Desert Eagle .50 brilliant "Parabellum To Your Cranium", written with DJ Sonic injects a serious dose of aggressive energy.

 Keep vinyl alive. Help us spread the word.
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Voting Closed! You pick the trax that get on wax. Voting Closed!
View the results of the vote below. Voting ended on April 29th 2013.

 Keep vinyl alive. Help us spread the word.

We at Debonaire Records are exited to launch a new concept enabling you "the fans" to control the manufacturing of wax on this current release and select future releases, putting the power of vinyl in the hands of the fans.

1. Pre-pay for your vinyl copy before the 14 day countdown ends (April 15th - 29th).
2. Vote for your favorite track from "The Six Dollar Man" album. The top 4 crowd favorite tracks will get Vinylized!!!
3. You only get 4 votes to use one time during the voting period, choose wisely, you can only vote once!

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1. If Debonaire Records does not meet or exceed 100 copies sold within the 14 day countdown, Debonaire Records will promptly refund 100% of your pre-payment purchase by April 30th.
2. Manufacturing of vinyl can take approximately 8 weeks not including shipping time to your destination. We will keep you informed during the manufacturing process.

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